Klokkeland has specialized tools to do stretch repairs and other repairs on most types of Rolex bracelets.

Will your Rolex soon fall off your arm? Have no worries, we can help you.


Rolex stretch repair1


We make the impossible possible

We can perform restoration and repair on most Oyster and Jubilee bracelets.

The pins that connect the links will abrade after extensive usage. Dirt and other things that are stuck around the pins and tubes become like abrasive when the pins and links rub against each other. This results in both the link and the pins being ground down and the space inside become larger and larger.


After years of use.

For the stretch to be repaired we insert new pins and tubes that allow the links to be tightened again.  


IMG_6256-1 kopi
Worn down rolex pins
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Here are some services we can perform at the restoration of Jubilee and Oyster bracelets.

Rolex stretch repair

Stretch repair

We change worn down pins with new pins and tubes.

Rolex band repair7

Repair of broken links

We repair links with broken pins.

Rolex laser welding

Laser welding

We use laser welding on dents and scratches.

Rolex polishing


We can restore your bracelet back to a great finish.


Some before and after pictures.

Before and after pictures on a Jubilee stretch repair


Solid end links (SEL) need a new pin.

Oysterquartz bracelet with new pins and tubes.

Før Etter

Before and after pictures from a Oyster bracelet restoration.

Før Etter

Before and after pictures of a laser welding repair.


It is important to clean the bracelet. Dirt and dead skin cells are like abrasive paper inside the links.

Restoration of a ref. 93150 Oyster bracelet.

Rolex Band repair 17

Repair on a Oyster band with solid end links (SEL).


Here you will find most answers to your questions about stretch repair.

Yes, on the Jubilee bracelet we replace pins on all the links. The Oyster bracelet are a little different with tubes around the pins. It is the tubes we change most often in the Oyster Bracelet.

No, we do not repair the gold center links during a stretch repair of the Oyster and Jubilee. However, we will contact you if we notice that some of the links are so dilapidated that they can break. We then repair the selected joints for a nice price.

A few times, when we pull the links apart, there may be some surface scratches on the links. These are removed by way of polish.

Yes, but only if you tell us to do it. However, we do not remove deep scratches. We provide an easy link polishing. If you want a full polish, it comes with an extra cost.  We recommend fixing deep scratches with laser welding.

The new pins or tubes are of the same type of steel as the original.  The more often link and bracelet are cleaned, the longer the bracelet will remain nice and tight.

No, we make the new pins and tubes that are inserted on the Jubilee and Oyster bracelet ourselves.

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